Sharing an External Drive in Lion…

So after searching for information on how to do this in OSX Lion, I was forced to figure it out by myself because there isn’t a clear cut how to on sharing an external out to you local network. My reason for doing this is so that my macbook pro could backup to the 1tb fw800 drive I have on my iMac. So to share a drive in Lion, so the following.

Go to System Preferences > Sharing > File Sharing > Click the + button under shared folders. Browse for your external drive and click add.

After you have shared the drive, open a new finder window and secondary click the drive and “get info” click the padlock at the bottom to make changes. Make sure everyone has access to read/write and you are good to go.

This works well for your home or small business, but you won’t want to give everyone read/write access in a corporate or public network.



For all my Tumblr Teachers who want to do this, but know you’ll be fired and sued into dust if you do.

Don’t you love how she goes right back to teaching like nothing happened?

Teachers Don’t Like Cell Phones (by CyborgNinja128)

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Last nights food choice…  Honey chipotle BBQ chicken….

Last nights food choice… Honey chipotle BBQ chicken….


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